About Myndshft Technologies, Inc.

Myndshft was founded in 2015 to make modern technologies – artificial intelligence, blockchain, process automation, big data, and analytics – available to disrupt the fragmented and complex “administrative plumbing” that healthcare works under today. These technologies – already proven and at work in big tech and other industries – have unlimited potential to radically reduce the nearly $1 trillion in waste in healthcare. The entire industry can then shift from figuring out how to get paid or which form to file to focusing on providing care and finding new treatments. We see an opportunity and an obligation to shrink how long people must bear the title of “patient” – allowing them to simply be people again.

So, our early focus has been to build an intelligent, cloud-native platform which brings these powerful technologies together and make it all available in a single trustworthy platform that can meet the unique needs of healthcare. In our journey we focused on three design principles – Simpler. Faster. For Anyone.

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